5 Cool Ways IoT Is Connecting Our World (That You Might Not Know)

5 Cool Ways IoT Is Connecting Our World (That You Might Not Know)

Posted by on Jul 6, 2018 in Internet of Things

5 Cool Ways IoT Is Connecting Our World (That You Might Not Know)

It’s hard to tell sometimes the direction in which IoT technology is going. With the continued rise in “smart” innovations, it’s become clear that IoT solutions will soon be integrated into every aspect of civilization. While this revelation is exciting, questions still remain:

Will society promote an infrastructure where humans grow to achieve their full potential? Could we live in a world where deafness would be counteracted by a single Bluetooth implant? A world where even blindness is overcome by the use of a “smart contact”?

Or, will we inadvertently follow a path that results in humans resembling the passengers of Disney’s “Axiom” more than those of Star Trek’s “USS Enterprise”?

Though speculation can lead to some awesome possibilities, there’s no way to know for certain.

What I do know, however, is that there have been some interesting applications of IoT (Internet of Things) technology recently that don’t appear to be getting the same attention as some others, like being able to change the color of your light bulbs for example. Check out some cool, lesser known ways Internet of Things (IoT) technology is connecting our world in real-time.

1 – Energy Monitoring

As of 2017, The Department of Energy estimates about 62 percent of energy in the United States is wasted as “conversion losses”. While companies and scientists work to address this challenge at power plants, the folks at CURB have developed an interactive energy efficient solution that uses real-time data to improve energy consumption by recognizing abnormal patterns of usage in residences. Ultimately giving you more control over your home and your electric bill.

2 – Public Transportation

From the United Kingdom to the United States, IoT integration has allowed for cities to offer bus stops with free WiFi, improve driver behaviors and assist with bus route management.

CityVerve, an ongoing project in Manchester, UK, is even looking for ways to notify drivers when commuters are waiting.

3 – Waste Management

100% of waste generators are billed for collections even if/when pickups are missed, according to Enevo’s website. To correct this, the Boston-based company has developed software to compare collection schedules with data provided by sensors in your dumpster(s). Allowing for pickups to better meet your business’s needs.

4 – Road Congestion

Urbiotica, a Barcelona-based company focused on developing the latest generation of wireless sensor systems, has introduced devices dedicated to gathering real time parking availability in the effort to reduce congestion caused by commuters looking for parking. Saving drivers like you (and me) one of our most valuable assets: time.

5 – Water Levels

Flood Network aims to build the UK’s biggest network of flood sensors.  Using LPWAN technology, their team has developed sensors to harness the power of the Internet of Things in Oxford, providing real-time data on water levels. It’s designed to combine with existing Environment Agency data to update maps and report areas at risk of flooding as well.

What Makes Them Cool?

With every day that passes, a new concept is brought to life thanks to recent advancements in IoT. While some of these applications might not typically be on the top of everyone’s list, that doesn’t mean they’re not as important.

Just as children are hailed to be our future, the inventions of today will build their tomorrow.

Each of the above-referenced companies has identified an issue affecting their respective communities, their countries, their businesses and even homes. They’ve dedicated time and resources to analyze the issues at present and implement great ideas that serve as convenient, easy to use solutions for people just like us.

So, in the end, while we can never truly know the direction, or speed, which technology will grow. We could at least rest a little easier knowing that the minds at work have more planned than simple voice commands and hovercrafts.

What recent advancements do you feel have gone unnoticed? Feel free to comment/share below.

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