What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is a program designed to build better relationships with your customers and increase your business. Service Providers and technicians are making a number of contacts with potential customers that are not turning into revenue. FastTrack will give your technicians the professional edge to close the deal.

Our primary goal is to train technicians to present themselves as the industry experts they are. Experts see the additional business opportunities and have the tools to create interest. FastTrack will give the tools to your technicians to leverage the opportunities for increasing sales opportunities, while taking home additional pay for their efforts.

In this technical savvy environment, home automation and security products are featured everywhere. FastTrack will enable your technician to explain how setting up home automation can benefit the customer’s household. The technicians onsite can assess the home and refer products to compliment the customer’s needs.

How does it work?

We train your technicians to have better customer engagement and to pin point the customer needs while sharing their insider expertise. We help your technicians to identify and generate interest not sales. But create enough interest that the customer will contact the Sales Department for a their in-home consultation.

We make this happen by emphasizing:

  • Understanding the Customer
  • Sharing the Benefits of Home Automation/Security Products
  • Trust & Expertise


We provide training over webinars and calls.
Tracking the progress and tracking referrals and payments – p3 tools

What’s the onboarding process?

  • Service Provider submits list of techs to Partner Nexus
  • PN generates unique pay code for local office and each tech to assure that everyone is fairly compensated
  • PN trains techs and gives access to training materials focusing on assisting techs to build relationships and identifying opportunities. PN provides ongoing coaching and assistance for techs and local offices
  • PN provides set of tools to be used to track each job and trains techs.
  • PN makes provides complete visibility for tracking progress and identifying success

What does FastTrack program include?

  • Online p3 platform for tracking the jobs and financial incentives
  • Toll-free hotline for soft transfer of the interested customer
  • Additional tools for customer engagement and identification of opportunities
  • Complete visibility of all the progress to all parties. Accountability and auditing tools.