Product Overview

Trusted and automated service delivery for quality product installations

With Partner Nexus, you can:

  • Outsource your installation and service with our nationwide network of customer-centric service personnel to ensure quality product delivery.
  • Automate order fulfillment and enhance the customer’s experience with an all-in-one service management platform to increase overall value and revenue.

Expands the reach of product sales by leveraging a large network of installers, contractors and service personnel. Product installation and other services are outsourced so your focus remains on selling products.

Ensures the quality of your products meet customer expectations during in-home installation. Our network of highly skilled, qualified and service-centric contractors are trained and tailored to best serve your unique customers with 100% guaranteed quality control.

Enables greater efficiency and ease in managing any existing contractors as well as those in our network. Includes an all-in-one service management platform to easily oversee contractors and other service personnel using your laptop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere at any time.

Increases product sales and optimizes service because all prospect and customer information is in one central place to better track leads and close sales opportunities. Job quotes, scheduling, job tickets, warranty tracking, billing and payment processing are all automated for sales and service.