Service Providers

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At Partner Nexus, we allocate proven, dependable contractors to on-site service, delivery and installation calls on behalf of a wide array of retailers and manufacturers.

As a Partner Nexus service provider, you will benefit from our online tools and systems-based approach to business. We simultaneously coordinate thousands of monthly calls. We can quickly improve your profitability with our advanced systems and a larger network of customers in your area.

We believe in honest and fair working relationships that are mutually beneficial. Your success is important to us. When you are happy, you deliver positive service and a better customer experience. That is our ultimate goal. We strive for a win-win opportunity: we profit only when you profit.

At Partner Nexus, we are committed to providing a superior experience for our contractors, our clients, and our clients’ customers. If you are interested in representing consistency and excellence in on-site contractor services, you’ve come to the right place.


We’re always looking to add to our network of skilled, licensed and customer-centric electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, HVAC and other service providers. Fill out the form below to contact Partner Nexus today and learn how the opportunity could help grow YOUR business.

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