6 Must-Follow Supply Chain Blogs in 2018

6 Must-Follow Supply Chain Blogs in 2018

Posted by on Aug 6, 2018 in Supply Chain

6 Must-Follow Supply Chain Blogs in 2018

Hoping to keep up with the latest industry news? These supply chain and logistics blogs should help.

The internet is great. At the tip of our fingers we have the ability to research the latest trends and developments in any industry that peaks our interest. We can easily obtain helpful research and strategy information on some of today’s most challenging topics from the world’s leading minds if we just dedicate the time to look. Or, we could get lost.

Then, between the amazing sales on Amazon, recent drama on social media and all of the interesting cat memes you find that you’ve spent a big chunk of time that you’ll realistically never get back.

In the effort to help satisfy the curiosity of inquiring minds and save your most valuable asset (time), we’ve gone through that grueling process for you.

Here are 6 supply chain and logistics blogs you should consider following:

Logistics Bureau

When you claim to be the “number 1 consultants” in a specific area of interest that’s one thing. When Google agrees, it lists you on the first page of results without the need for Pay-to-Click ads. Check out their blog here.

Logistics Management

Since 1962 their teams of professionals have evolved to become industry pros who keep an ear on the latest and share information on news and industry happenings daily. Their blog can be found here.

Blue Grace

Established in 2009 and having grown to consist of 60 national franchises in 25 states across the US by 2011, it’s not hard to see why they ranked as the #1 fastest growing company in the Transportation and Logistics Industry and the 20th fastest growing private company in the nation on the 2012 Inc. 500 List. Their blog covers the company’s latest news, industry expertise, tips, and more here.

Supply Chain Brain

A leading digital publication covering all things supply chain. If you’re hoping to follow news, analysis, trends and tools for executives in the supply chain management industry. Check out their blog here.

Supply Chain Digital

This blog covers news, technology, analysis, features and more about the world’s biggest supply chains. Their out-of-the-box presentation provides a nice middle ground for those who still favor printed publications without sacrificing functionality of a digital medium (or trees). Check out their latest issue here.


Guides, courses, videos, tools, books and, oh yes, BLOG posts. If you’re interested in improving procurement processes, project management efforts and overall operations then get your virtual gi and visit  SCMDojo.

Know of any other great sites we may have missed? Which are you following this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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